Le limousin - La corrèze

The troubadours are with you. Here, you are taken back in time at Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne or the mediaeval centre at Egletons. One walks in the scenery of history during interactive visits where street theatre and historical fiction escort the visitor into an unedited spectacle.


You will share in our customs. Lovely customs such as lively village market days, the earth’s bounty, gastronomic recipes of our area, the conviviality of down-to-earth encounters. And what an astonishing discovery this authentic rural architecture makes!

The Corrèze Style. A real sense of well being, far from the beaten track, a feeling that removes you from day to day cares and reminds you at every turn that there is always a welcome for you here.


In the land of tradition. Jealously guarding the customs that it preserves as its inheritance, this region of green invites the visitor to meet the natural wonders of Monédières as well as the outstanding architectural heritage of Tulle and the beautiful surrounding villages.

Can you smell the air of Southern France ? The Book Fair in November, the Foie Gras Fair, this region has a love of the fair that can be appreciated at any time, whether in a little bistro while enjoying a post rugby match discussion or during a concert in the summer with 700 musicians.


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